Continuous Infrastructure Monitoring from Satellites by ForestSAT AI


ForestSAT monitoring and risk assessment of millions of miles of ecosystem around linear infrastructure

Precision & Accuracy

Satellite imagery and remote sensing technology are precise in geolocations and detail. We can generate accurate maps with geo locations and correlate them with cadastral data to develop highly accurate models.


Highly accurate satellite data is available going back several years and is useful in fixing undisputable provenance and tracking change.


Satellites make regular overpasses and provide continuous data feed.

Cost & Time Saving

The enormous cost and time saving, covering larger areas, with greater accuracy, in a shorter time at less cost without specialised software or skilled staff requirement.

Our solutions are cheaper , continual, more effective and precise compared with traditional methods of aerial surveying. You will not need expensive software and no more skilled manpower or outsourcing to study images. You need no more additional manpower to interpret satellite imagery and multispectral data. ForestSAT AI will do all of that. You will get an easy to use interface on our desktop and your mobile so you can see the whole picture and data often as detailed in cm or inches. 

Utility companies and railroads have traditionally taken care of immediate vicinity forestland around their linear infrastructure. Vegetation management has been about safety and line of sight. cleaning small parcels of land of bush, grass and weed is no longer sufficient because of increased risks.

Forest fires, once they break out, are burning large forest lands everywhere and destroying billions of infrastructure.

Our AI recommends proactive action in vegetation management within the ecosystem to minimize the risk of catastrophes.


Our AI analyses millions of miles of linear infrastructure and wide zones around them in most complex terrains on a regular basis at far lower costs than ever before. 

That means greater accuracy, regularity, cost saving and data sharing for quick access to funding. 

This will lead to responding to risks with a sense of urgency , mobilizing resources, contracting professional service providers and arranging funding by providing data to all stakeholders from policy makers to front line workers.

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