Satellite Earth Observation & AI for Forest Fire Prevention

Uncontrolled Wildfires are now an Existential Threat To Life On Earth

Billions of Animals Killed in Wildfires

Animal species, Flora and Fauna is going extinct because of wildfires.

9.3 million Hectares of Forest Loss Yearly

Wildfires are intensifying since the turn of century and each year is seeing a record area burned.

Wildfire CO2 Emissions are reaching catastrophic levels and exacerbating global warming

Global Warming

Wildfires are intensifying due to global warming and in turn contribute to climate change and extreme temperatures.

Wildfire Smoke Damage

Smoke from forest fires travels across continents damaging air quality causing health problems.

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There were 58,733
forest fires
in the
world last year

Join the smartest tool for forest fire prevention

We are leveraging satellite earth observation data and artificial intelligence (AI) to predict and prevent large forest fires that are devastating our planet’s forests and animal life with increasing frequency and ferocity due to climate change induced stresses and extremities. 

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Your Satellites

We define and design your satellites. We work closely with your institutions, research and education organizations that aim to be significant space tech stakeholders in coming years. We embark on a collaborative process to outline your long term goals and vision and start the architecture of your satellites.

Preventing Wildfire CO2 Emissions

Our mission is to prevent wildfires that are causing over 1.8 billion tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

We aim to protect forests from burning and make them resilient carbon sinks.

ForestSAT Solutions

We can save
8 billion tons of
CO2 each year

Forest fires and degradation are directly responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than the US, Germany, UK, Italy and France combined.

FRIDA Wildfire Prevention App by ForestSAT

9 out of 10 forest fires are started by humans. ForestSAT App FRIDA brings data and analytics from 10+ satellites for informing and engaging community toward preventive action.

This data driven visualization of fire risk - similar to weather forecast - is informational, educational and interactive. FRIDA app achieves what scientists and researchers point to as most important and critical need to reduce ignitions through community awareness and engagement.

Prevent wildfires, around your community and industry, mitigate risk of mega forest fires through ForestSAT satellite AI app for your community.

ForestSAT SaaS

ForestSAT Forest Fire Prevention as a Solution for Forest managers is a Satellite data & AI driven Decision Support System (DSS) for smart, strategic, timely and precise forest fuel management & forest regeneration to reduce or eliminate mega fire risk pre-season.

Actionable knowledge based on petabytes of data is delivered through an interactive, intuitive browser based solution without the need for any specialized software or skills to forest front line workers, fire fighters, community leaders, policy makers and financiers.

Nature Finance for Your Forest

We arrange nature carbon finance for you to take urgent action to mitigate the risk of uncontrolled large wildfires and embark on a journey to bring resilience to your wildlands.

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ForestSAT.Space GPT

ForestSAT.Space GPT

ForestSAT.SpaceGPT is a specialized AI resource with a focus on Forestry and Wildfire Analysis based on over 10 million documents in 40 languages.

ForestSAT.SpaceGPT offers an in-depth analysis of forest ecosystems, deforestation, wildfires, and soil degradation, to be a Decision Support System for strategies for forest management.

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