ForestSAT Eye in the Sky AI

We are leveraging satellite earth observation data and artificial intelligence (AI) to predict and prevent large forest fires that are devastating our planet’s forests and animal life with increasing frequency and ferocity due to climate change induced stresses and extremities. 

Carbon Finance for Forest Fire Prevention

Our data-driven, contiually monitored voluntary carbon offset credits are the most effective, transparent and verifiable investment in forest carbon sink in prevention of forest fire emissions, forest regeneration, reforestation and forest carbon sink resilience. 

Satellite Earth Observation

We monitor millions of acres of forests and analyze petabytes of images and remote sensing multispectral data from Earth Observation Satellites to identify wildfire risk polygons.

ForestSAT ML

We are developing Machine Learning algorithms to process and analyze decades of satellite and aerial data of forestlands to identify climate change impact and fuel buildup that leads to destructive widlfires.

ForestSAT AI

ForestSAT Ai Decision Support System (DSS) continually to predicts areas at risk of fires in large forest areas and provides decision support in risk mitigation and fire prevention.

Fire Risk Polygons

ForestSAT AI identifies areas at risk polygons far ahead of summer fire season with terrain topography, weather and wind data to model fire risk and spread.

Data Driven

ForestSAT AI is introducing first of its kind Earth Observation data driven solution for smart forest management. Democratization and visualization of enormous data is just the starting point in empowerment of front line forest managers.

Actionable Intel

ForestSAT AI is being developed as actionable intelligence in forest management tools where all stakeholders have precise advance risk profiles and to-do recommendations. With early analysis of possible areas at risk, speed and directions of fire spread, effective fire risk mitigation and prevention action will be tasked and its execution monitored.

Forest Fires: An Existential Threat To Life On Planet Earth

A forest fire or wildfire is an uncontrolled fire in forests, bush, grasslands. These fires have been a natural phenomenon for hundreds of millions of years.

ForestSAT App Includes Everyone

ForestSAT is developing easy to use app to deliver deep forest profiles, fire risk polygons, carbon sink and ecological metrics. infrastructure & assets-at-risk to community , policy makers and stakekholders to inject transparency and accountability in forestlands management ,

Complete Transparency

We introduce unparalleled transparency in monitoring and reporting wildfire prevention; forest regeneration and reforestation actions on the ground through democratisation of satellite imagery and remote sensing data visualisations.

Resilient Forests

ForestSAT forest resilience, restoration, reforestation tools do more than protect more than forests from wildfires. They ensure carbon sequestration in forest sink. protect human and animal life and start the process of leaving resilient forests to coming generations.


Of all earths' animal species lives in forests

$13 trillion

Nature directly generate 15% of global

$1.4 trillion

Forest economy globally

1.6 billion

people rely on forests for livelihood

Regeneration of Forests Is the key to Preventive Action

If forest fires and depletion of forest health is not halted, current deforestation patterns can spur irreversible environmental and economic damage. Environmental degradation can cause a cumulative loss of $10 trillion in three decades.





80,000 Acres


1.6 billion people


The Only Way to Stop Forest Fires is Preventive Action

Leveraging Earth Observation Data from Satellites, weather data, IoT sensors data and Machine Learning, ForestSAT Ai delivers preventive actionable intelligence.

Destructive Forest Fires

Large wild fires are more common and more devastating by the year.