We Prevent Wildfires

Satellite Earth Observation & AI for Forest Fire Risk Mitigation

Wildfire Risk Mapping for Smart Preventive Action

We are leveraging satellite earth observation data and artificial intelligence (AI) to provide actionable intelligence, community engagement, and Decision Support for preventive, forest regenerative action.

Join the smartest tool for forest fire prevention

We are leveraging satellite earth observation data and artificial intelligence (AI) to predict and prevent large forest fires that are devastating our planet’s forests and animal life with increasing frequency and ferocity due to climate change induced stresses and extremities. 

We aim to prevent mega tons of toxic GHG emissions by saving millions of hectares of forests from burning.

Our mission is to save forests, save lives & the health of people, pets, and wildlife.

We aim to protect forest ecosystems, infrastructure, industry, and homes from destructive wildfires.

We can save
8 billion tons of
CO2 each year

Forest fires and degradation are directly responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than the US, Germany, UK, Italy and France combined.

There were 58,733
forest fires
in the
world last year

Uncontrolled Wildfires are now an Existential Threat To Life On Planet Earth

Draught, biomass degradation and fuel build up frequently explode into fire storms around the world.

Prevention is Better than Fire Suppression

We focus on Fire Risk-Mitigation action and data-driven, smart preventive solutions.

More than 80%

World's Animals & Plants Live in Forests. Wildfires are extinction level events for many species.

Around 47%

Of World's Forests already destroyed.

80,000 Acres

Of forests disappear every day

$20 Billion

Annual Cost of Fire Fighting in the US, Europe & Canada

ForestSAT Solutions

ForestSAT App for Your Community

Community awareness and engagement with the Forest ecosystem through hyper-local ForestSAT app.
With data from 10+ satellites analysed and delivered in engaging informational, educational and interactive format to reduce ignitions and lead to concerted smart forest regeneration action.
Prevent wildfires, around your community and industry, mitigate risk of mega forest fires through ForestSAT satellite AI app for your community.


Forest Fire Prevention as a Solution - a ForestSAT Satellite & AI driven Decision Support System for smart, strategic, timely and precise forest fuel management & forest regeneration to reduce or eliminate mega fire risk pre-season.
All the knowledge and knowhow you need delivered through an interactive, intuitive browser based solution .
From front line workers and community leaders to policy makers and financiers, complete continual transparency of process.

World's First Build-Operate-Transfer Satellite Service

As a sovereign nation, with forest lands and resources, you must own and operate Forest Observation Satellites.
ForestSAT offers world's first Public-Private partnership through a Build-Launch-Operate-Transfer service with technology transfer and digital empowerment.
Say goodbye to digital divide and carbon-colonialism by developing full spectrum skills in space tech and data analytics to preserve, conserve your precious forests and bio-diversity.

Nature Finance for Your Forest

We arrange nature carbon finance for you to take urgent action to mitigate the risk of uncontrolled large wildfires and embark on a journey to bring resilience to your wildlands.

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