A new class of Earth Observation and AI-driven Voluntary Carbon Credits for Forest Fire prevention and Forest Carbon Sink Regeneration: III/III

Part III / III  By Ajay Goyal, Founder & CEO @  ForestSAT.space

ForestSAT Voluntary Carbon Credits for Protection of Forests from Fires and Enhancing Forest Carbon Sink

Driven by insights gained from AI processing of years and petabytes of data we are embarking on a mission to protect forests from mega-fires and as we protect endangered forests from wildfires, we will be planting trees in areas that are at risk of forest fires or have already been destroyed by them.

Our campaign for saving the world’s forests will be funded through a new class of transparent, verifiable and effective data-driven carbon credits which will be applied directly to forest fire prevention and forest regeneration with no intermediaries. This new class of transparent Voluntary Carbon Credits (VCCs) in the Voluntary Carbon Markets will set the standards for how smart forest management and forest conservation needs to be done and partner with leading institutions, organizations, and stakeholders in achieving these goals with ethics and integrity. Financiers, governments, environmental organizations, and communities will have access to participation in projects as partners and provide additional funding, ground monitoring, and accountability. Our approach is sensitive in that the solutions incorporate local knowledge and are implemented by locals with no hint of so-called carbon colonialism. We do not intend to disturb the ownership of forests and would do everything possible to reinforce tribal and native land ownership. The lifecycle of ForestSAT forest fire prevention projects (FPPs) will, from the very start, address all issues of verifiability, transparency, monitoring, and effectiveness that have worried scientists and activists about UN-REDD.

By tackling the problem of forest fires at their core and by mitigating the risk of large or mega-fires, we do more than avoid carbon emissions. We protect the ecosystem and its diversity and prevent mass extinction-level death of animals. We avoid huge healthcare damage from fire smoke inhalation up to thousands of miles away. We directly protect communities, homes, assets and infrastructure. These measurable benefits will be delivered to carbon financiers by ForestSAT FFP.

Forest Fire Prevention and Forest Regeneration VCCs by ForestSAT is the best in its class science-driven nature-based carbon capture solution with a raft of additional social, climate, and environmental benefits.

It prevents large-scale carbon emissions and increases nature carbon capture. The fact it also involves communities, creates sustainable jobs, preserves native knowledge of forests for posterity through AI, creates awareness and engagement of communities and multiple partners & stakeholders, and helps cities and communities become more resilient is in line with several United Nations Sustainable Development Goals ( SDGs). Our projects represent servicing at least 4 of the SDGs and several of the cross-cutting SDG issues such as environment and resilience, preservation of cultural & natural heritage, prosperity and livelihoods, entrepreneurship & innovation; knowledge and skills, inclusion and participation, and participatory decision-making.

Driven by Satellite Data and AI, it is a truly global solution and the most data-driven and thus verifiable carbon offset system in the world. ForestSAT is a Norwegian startup — the choice of Norway for its multidisciplinary aerospace engineer, data scientist, developers, and entrepreneur founders is inspired by the enormous contributions and commitment Norway has demonstrated toward the preservation of the world’s forests. The ethic of transparency and integrity is central to our ethos. Each ForestSAT FFP project is to be holistically developed in terms of carbon performance, long-term impact and permanence, and numerous impact factors such as employment and preservation of animal life. 

Financiers will continually monitor detailed parameters of fieldwork and impact in a transparent reporting system that is based on unimpeachable data gathered from satellites processed and analyzed by Artificial Intelligence.

We aim to have all our projects and their impact validated by independent science and data-driven validators.

The crisis and catastrophe of forest fires and resulting destruction of forests require we must act not just because we should but because we must.
It is the moral imperative of our times — we must, also, because we can.

We have the technology and tools to make a real difference, prevent forest fires, prevent carbon emissions, protect and regenerate forests to build a resilient carbon sink, save animals and create a sustainable forest-linked future for communities.

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