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Forest Fire Prevention

After comprehensive forest observation, ForestSAT AI provides polygons of high fire risk, presently burning fires ( underground, grass fires which can burn for long periods undetected and can be spotted from satellites), the fire burned areas from previous fires, at risk areas and auto-generates forestry vegetation and fuel management tasks for forest managers. 

Forest managers input additional in-setu data and/or arrange aerial reconnaissance of areas at risk as required and upload it through the ForestSAT app. The AI responds with updated recommendations. Forest managers make final decisions and the action on the ground is auto-monitored by satellites on an ongoing basis. Any difference made to the vegetation is recorded and risk profiles are updated.

Electricity Grid Fire Risk Mitigation

ForestSAT machine learning models analyze Satellite Data from multiple satellites going back several years to provide a comprehensive AI actionable intelligence:

  • Our satellite imagery and multispectral data gives perspective far beyond the vicinity of the grid along its whole length.
  • Analysis of fuel build up
  • Fire areas-at-risk analysis
  • AI generated project tasks for work order generation

The electric grid in Southern Europe, US West is facing enormous challenges from wildfires and severe droughts fueled by climate change.


High voltage post or High voltage tower

Geospatial Monitoring for National Parks

ForestSAT provides a deep insight & change analysis into the tree health, forest fuel, soil,, hydrology, flora & fauna and more to the National Parks to enhance their understanding of climate change impact at granular level. 

Data driven decision making for national park resilience and conservation efforts in accordance with the charter and laws of respective countries. 

Analysis ready imagery and machine learning ready data sets are provided so researchers may carry out their work with greater impact at faster than usual speed.

Railroad Vegetation Management

Conventional vegetation management and trimming required to keep lines of sight clean is no longer sufficient. A wholesome awareness and coordinated action plan for fire risk mitigation is now essential. 

Recent European fires have seen trains getting trapped in fire storms. 

  • Our satellite imagery and multispectral data gives perspective far beyond the vicinity of the railroads.
  • Analysis of fuel build up in the ecosystem 
  • Risk mitigation polygon mapping
  • Mitigation action to prevent fires from reaching railroads

Environmental Awareness

Environmental awareness is now an essential for infrastructure operators to and industry to protect natural heritage from accidents, spills, pollution, fires and other hazards .

ForestSAT provides deep and insightful satellite environmental awareness of vast areas without the need for special software or acquisition of satellite imagery. 

The ecosystem awareness shall pinpointing  bird and animal habitats, forest areas with fuel buildup , nature reserves, water resources and more. 

As climate change causes dramatic changes to forests and extreme events reshape the ecosystem an ongoing and live situational awareness is necessitated and provided by ForestSAT. 

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