ForestSAT is a SpaceTech Artificial Intelligence powered Forest Fire Prevention Service

AI-powered Predictive Forest Fire risk warning, early detection, and fire prevention service leveraging remote sensing satellite data, Drone imagery, IoT & weather data.

ForestSat aims to provide warning, preventive action, and fire risk mitigation to stop wild destructive forest fires.

ForestSAt AI is an innovative solution that leverages the latest developments in the world of space tech, machine learning, data science, and Artificial Intelligence.

ForestSAT FfPaaS [ Forest fire Prevention as a Service] is highly user friendly for all stakeholders to monitor project and tasks created for forest services based on high probability risk analysis delivered as actionable intelligence for precise forestry preventive action.

The ForestSat Ai make the work of forest fires highly effective and safe, reducing costs of fire fighting substantially by preventing fires through precise advanced action, thus deployment of forest budgets effective, efficient and auditable.

Leveraging Remote Sensing Satellite data

We leverage USGS Easrth Data Sat ; VIIRS Active Data; MODIS ; Copernicus ; NOAA Coast ; NOAA Class ; Bhuvan India; ALOAS Japan ; LANCE; FIRMS data.

Forest Resources of Planet

Forests Cover 30 percent of Earth’s Land Surface

Destructive Power of Forest Fires

The destruction caused by large Forest Fires is incalculable

Wildfires cause widespread destruction to a forest’s natural ecosystems resulting in ecological, economic, and societal degradation.

As of Aug. 9, the European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS) estimates that within European Union countries, between 868,145 acres (351,326 hectares) and 1.2 million acres (468,434 hectares) have burned. In the broader area that EFFIS covers, it estimates between 1.73 million acres (701,779 hectares) and 2.3 million acres (935,705 hectares) burned areas.

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Destruction caused by wildfires in the United States has significantly increased in the last two decades. An average of 72,400 wildfires cleared an average of 7 million acres of U.S. land each year since 2000, double the number of acres scorched by wildfires in the 1990s.

Wildfires: How are they linked to climate change

ForestSAT: We will prevent large forest fires.

ForestSAT: We will save the world’s forests.