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Regreening the forest, revitalizing it, removing invasive species, removing forest fuel to give a new lease of life to forest at the bring.


Smart reforestation in areas burned by fire or human deforestation.


Removal of forest fuels, treating infestations and attending to forest health.

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ForestSAT introduces unparalleled transparency in monitoring and reporting wildfire prevention; forest regeneration and reforestation actions on the ground through the democratization of satellite imagery and remote sensing data visualizations. We enable open communication and discourse, empowering grassroots communities in forestland regions around the globe.

We process petabytes of satellite data over vast forest regions to find polygons of areas at risk of wildfires and resulting devastation/ deforestation which will lead to enormous carbon emission. We identify carbon sinks that, with fire-risk probability can turn into carbon emitters.

RCube is aimed to be a system of risk profiling for action to ensure the standing forest remains resilient carbon sink. 

Lets face it, land use management decision making globally is still in pre-industrial age. For years lack of data driven decisions have led to misguided regreening efforts and plantations that have proved unnatural and unsustainable. History of successful regreening projects have shown when native knowledge is powered by data driven science and satellite imagery, results are overwhelmingly positive.

Forest RCube by ForestSAT is the ultimate AI tool bringing satellite data and power of computing & machine learning through an AI Decision Support System (DSS) to empower native farmers and people of the land, through every stakeholder involved in care and regeneration of land  to enable smart decisions in sustainable reforestation. 

Helping forests regrow with data driven decision support is the most effective tool in fighting climate change. New and young forests are essential for the planet’s health. They capture more carbon than older ageing forests . According to IPCC 30 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide must be removed from the atmosphere by the end of this century to avert the worst effects of climate change.  8.9 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide can be sequestered, equivalent to soaking up 23% global CO2 emissions from the atmosphere every year by forest growth by 2050. This is on top of the carbon sequestration already provided by existing forests, which currently absorb around 30% of C02 emissions each year. Planting trees correctly so that they become healthy forests is essential.

Unfortunately 90% of the trees planted in several of the major reforestation and regreening campaigns have died despite good intentions. ForestSAT directs carbon finance toward Reforestation based on following considerations and benchmarks.

  1. Smart Forestation :  Landscape, community, expansion of agriculture and contraction of forests must all be taken into account before planting trees
  2. Plan, Plant, Monitor, Nurture: Forests and trees do not grow just by putting a seed in the ground. That process used to happen when earth was in good shape for a few thousand years. Soil degradation, droughts, extreme weather have all weakened the ecosystem. It is necessary that when forests are created and trees planted they must be planned, monitored and supported. Without nurturing forests there is little chance of survival.
  3. Consider agro-forestry and use of landscape: Trees must be planted for deforestation in keen consideration of use and specificities of landscape.
  4. Trees planting and land restoration go hand in hand: Planting the right trees at the right time keeping in mind the soil condition and hydrology is key to forestation.
  5. Empower native communities and people of the land: No ideas , no matter how well meaning and data driven can make an impact unless knowledge, stakes and involvement of local community is ensured. Empowering and employing locals in any effort is central to the efficacy of any effort.

We provide our Geospatial AI tools in intuitive, easy to use apps for smart data driven decision making.

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