Preventing Wildfires.
Revitalizing Forests.

Geospatial Data & AI-driven Carbon Finance for Forest Fire Prevention and Forest Carbon Sink Resilience

What We Do

Accurate actionable Forest Fire risk prediction intelligence for wildfire risk mitigation & prevention.

We are leveraging satellite earth observation data and artificial intelligence (AI) to predict and prevent uncontrolled forest fires that are devastating our planet’s forests & animal life with increasing frequency and ferocity due to climate change-induced stresses and extremities.  Forest Fires are causing significant CO2, and toxic emissions. Fire prevention through data-driven nature-based solutions is the ethical and effective method to mitigate and prevent mega wildfires.

Geospatial Data Driven Carbon Finance for Forest Fire Prevention & Forest Resilience

We have created a geospatial data-driven, transparent, verifiable, and satellite-monitored, continually audited, carbon finance instrument to drive funding into forest fire risk mitigation, arresting CO2 emissions, and enhancing carbon sinks through smart reforestation, ecosystem regeneration rebuilding safe natural habitats for animals, empowering native communities through sustainable forestry work. 

Fully transparent

Access live satelite imagery and remote sensing data to ensure compliance.

Uniquely effecive

No technology for direct carbon air capture matches the ROI of forest fire prevention.

Scientifically verified

Saved CO2 emissions are calculated for each project, using methodology satisfying all ESL list criteria.

A story connecting us all

Humans, animals and plants all rely on the health of the world’s forests.

Join the smartest tool for forest fire prevention

We are leveraging satellite earth observation data and artificial intelligence (AI) to predict and prevent large forest fires that are devastating our planet’s forests and animal life with increasing frequency and ferocity due to climate change induced stresses and extremities. 

24 Hours Fire Map - North America

We can save
1,5 mega tonns CO2 emissions each year

According to European Union Copernicus Observatory global wildfires and vegetation fires in 2022 had generated around 1,455 megatonnes of carbon emissions.  Our solutions can prevent these GHG emissions from making global warming problem much worse.

We can save
8 billion tons of
CO2 each year

Forest fires and degradation are directly responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than the US, Germany, UK, Italy and France combined.

There were 58,733
forest fires
in the
world last year

Forest Fires: An Existential Threat To Life On Planet Earth

A forest fire or wildfire is an uncontrolled fire in forests, bush, grasslands. These fires have been a natural phenomenon for hundreds of millions of years. But they have acquired ferocious & destructive scale, frequency and proportion in the last decade due to global warming, long draughts and weather extremes leading to forest biomass degradation and fuel build ups that are explode into fire storms around the world.

Regeneration Of Forests Is The Key To Preventive Action

If forest fires and depletion of forest health is not halted, current deforestation patterns can spur irreversible environmental and economic damage. Environmental degradation can cause a cumulative loss of $10 trillion in three decades.

Conventional approach of fire suppression and heroic human effort of fire fighting is a short term solution after the fact. The key to prevention of this mass death and destruction of forests and animal life through mega fires is data driven smart fire prevention, and regeneration of forests to be sustainable and resilient for next generations.

More than 80%

World's Animals & Plants Live in Forests

Around 47%

Of World's Forests already destroyed

80,000 Acres

Of forests disappear every day

1.6 Billion People

Rely on forests for livelihoods

How we do it

ForestSAT uses satellite imagery, remote sensing data & AI to predict polygons at risk of wildfire and provides a complete solution for managing forest health, mitigate forest fire risk.

Satellite EO

We observe millions of acres of forests from Earth Observation (EO) Satellites to identify wildfire risk polygons in deep, remote, inaccessible forests .

ForestSAT ML

We use our Machine Learning algorithms to process and analyze petabytes of multiple satellite's data, metrological, aerial & field data of forestlands.


ForestSAT AI predicts areas at risk of fires in large forest areas in a Decision Support System (DSS) for risk mitigation, fire prevention and smart forest regeneration.

Fire Risk Polygons

ForestSAT identifies fire risk polygons ahead of summer fire season to forewarn communities , infrastructure operators and stakeholders to take preventive action.

Data Driven & Transparent

ForestSAT democratizes satellite imagery, and remote sensing data for unprecedented perspective and transparency empowering stakeholders in forest care through transparency and actionable intelligence. 

Data Driven

ForestSAT brings relevant analysis and Earth Observation data for the empowerment of front-line forest managers and stakeholders to enable data-driven forestland management.

Actionable Intel

ForestSAT provides actionable intelligence in forest management with precise advance wildfire risk prediction profiles and to-do preventive recommendations.

Forest App

With the goal of engaging the public in forest conservation and fire ignition prevention, ForestSAT mobile app aims to deliver satellite data and analytics on wildfire risk, trees and animal life at risk from fires.


ForestSAT is introducing unparalleled transparency in monitoring forests, wildfires, prevention & regeneration through the democratization of satellite imagery for all stakeholders.

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