Wildfire Risk Prediction For Insurance

ForestSAT AS is an award winning Norwegian “SpaceTech for Nature” AI Startup.  Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) processes and analyses Earth Observation Satellite data to give deep insights into forests, predict wildfire risk areas and propose forest fire risk mitigation. Our data and science driven solutions promise to prevent devastating wildfires engulfing our planet, destroying trees and animal life, emitting tons of toxic smoke and CO2. Beyond prevention we implement smart nature data based solutions to restore & regenerate forest ecosystems as natural carbon sink. 

ForestSAT wildfire risk index, Area & Assets at Risk model is built on satellite earth observation (EO), IoT sensors, metrological data and in-setu data analyzed by artificial intelligence (AI). 

We monitor and measure forest health in proximity of millions of miles of grid and infrastructure to predict areas at risk of wildfires. 

Wildfires have caused more than $ 100 billion economic loss pa in the last 5 years.

 Infrastructure, homes and industry are under severe threat of wildfires in several regions.

10+ Years of Satellite Imagery

Petabytes of Data Pre-processed

20+ GIS Parameters Analyzed

AI/ML Analytics & Predictions

Precisely Predicting Areas & Assets at Risk

We continually monitor forests and measure forest degradation due to climate change and other drivers.

While most climate change-induced catastrophes are impossible to predict, ForestSAT is working to ensure wildfires are predictable and preventable.

ForestSAT Satellite AI monitors and analyses millions of hectares of forestlands to measure fuel buildup and identify areas at risk of wildfires.

This awareness will lead to smart pre-emptive
risk mitigation thus making climate catastrophe risk insurance viable.

We have processed 10+ years of satellite imagery & remote sensing data of forests to measure forest fuel buildup in proximity of communities, infrastructure and industrial assets. 

Our AI analyzes the impact of extreme temperatures, topography, winds and  other contributing factors of ecosystem degradation and forest fuel buildup. 

Petabytes of weather data, precipitation, soil degradation, tree density & canopy change, forest loss, and infestation impact provides an unparalleled comprehensive, localized & accurate insights.

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What we offer

ForestSAT is unique in providing actionable intelligence and depth of perspective continually to stakeholders to mitigate wildfire risk to critical communities, assets and infrastructure.

ForestSAT AI Apps, Dashboard and Decision Support System (DSS) represent game changing democratization of space data and a disruptive toolset in protecting assets at risk from fragile ecosystems.

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Image Credits: Satellite images credit to NASA, EOS, JAXA, Planet, Maxar, Airbus and corresponding space agencies / satellite companies.