Forestsat.Space GPT

ForestSAT.Space GPT ForestSAT.SpaceGPT is a specialized AI resource with a focus on Forestry and Wildfire Analysis based on over 10 million documents in 40 languages. ForestSAT.SpaceGPT offers an in-depth analysis of forest ecosystems, deforestation, wildfires, and soil degradation, to be a Decision Support System for strategies for forest management. Log in with your account. […]

FRIDA – Cover / Intro

FRIDA, Geospatial Data Analytics Community App for Forest Fire Prevention In the wake of escalating forest fires worldwide, there is unanimous recognition of the profound advantages of preventive action over the traditional firefighting approach.  The Critical Need for Preventive Action While firefighting wildfires is a heroic service, the limitations of fire suppression and containment over […]

FRIDA – Validation / Demonstration

The demonstration and validation of FRIDA as a forest fire prevention app can be approached systematically, moving from proof of concept to a fully operational prototype with a clear roadmap for scaling up to full deployment.  Initial Prototype Development (0-3 months): As FRIDA is already in advanced stages of development the initial prototyping will be […]

FRIDA – Business Model

FRIDA, as an innovative forest fire prevention app leveraging Earth Observation (EO) satellite data, aims to adopt several business models. These models should balance financial sustainability with the mission to engage communities and stakeholders in wildfire prevention: Freemium Model: Basic features of the app are free for individuals and communities, providing essential information and alerts […]

FRIDA – Product Fit

FRIDA is fits the multifaceted challenges elaborated by the FIRERes initiative, focusing on enhancing risk communication and awareness to mitigate the impact of Extreme Wildfire Events.  Here is how FRIDA aligns with the specific parts of the challenge: Clear and Timely Information Dissemination: FRIDA utilizes real-time EO satellite data coupled with AI to provide immediate […]

FRIDA – Impact of the Solution

FRIDA app’s impact is wide-reaching and multifaceted, encompassing economic, social, and environmental benefits: Economic Impact: Cost Savings: FRIDA’s predictive analytics and early detection capabilities can significantly reduce the costs associated with battling wildfires, which includes not only the immediate expenses of firefighting efforts but also the long-term costs of rehabilitation and recovery of burnt areas. […]

FRIDA – Novelty of the Solution

The novelty of the FRIDA solution can be articulated by comparing it to existing community wildfire awareness, empowerment, and prevention solutions: State of the Art in Community Wildfire Solutions: In US West Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network offers tools for self-assessment and information exchange to live safely with wildfire, emphasising resilience and proactive measures​​. In […]

FRIDA – Value Proposition

FRIDA offers a suite of value additions tailored to address the problems and limitations highlighted by the FireRes Challenge. These enhancements aim to streamline the process of risk communication and foster a more informed and proactive approach to wildfire management: Enhanced Risk Communication: FRIDA’s sophisticated data analysis capabilities translate complex EO satellite data into comprehensible […]

FRIDA – Who we are

We are FRIDA a forest fire prevention app.   FRIDA is a Earth Observation satellite data analyses driven mobile App To create awareness and engagement in communities and stakeholders to Prevent Wildfires   The app has three elements First , it provides forest insights and analytics based on data from EO satellites. Second, it is […]