Forestsat.Space GPT

ForestSAT.Space GPT ForestSAT.SpaceGPT is a specialized AI resource with a focus on Forestry and Wildfire Analysis based on over 10 million documents in 40 languages. ForestSAT.SpaceGPT offers an in-depth analysis of forest ecosystems, deforestation, wildfires, and soil degradation, to be a Decision Support System for strategies for forest management. Log in with your account. […]

Impact of Wildfire Smoke Emissions on Human Health: Negative Short-term and Long-term Effects

Impact of Wildfire Smoke Emissions on Human Health Wildfires are posing not only immediate threats to human safety but also long-term health risks. Several researchers have examined the scientific evidence regarding the negative short-term and long-term effects of wildfire smoke emissions on human health. Specifically, the health consequences resulting from the inhalation of wildfire smoke, […]