About ForestSAT

ForestSAT AS is an award winning Norwegian Forest Fire Prevention intelligence software leveraging Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence on Earth Observation Satellite to predict fire areas and propose precise risk mitigation, fire prevention & regeneration actions.
We Are Scientists, Engineers & Entrepreneurs Passionate About Our Planet, Our Environment & Our Forests

Ajay Goyal

Founder, CEO

Ajay is a passionate environmentalist and a serial entrepneur and has created media, dotcom and tech enabled finance companies in 6 countries in the last 25 years since graduating as an Engineer from National Institute of Technology India. Ajay created the first European yoga-meditation-ogranic themed net-zero resort hotel ZENING in Cyprus.

Veronica Tulaeva-Goyal

Aerospace Engineer & Data Scientist

Veronika is an aerospace engineer from Moscow Aviation University and has worked in Sukhoi 5th Generation Fighter jet design bureau and a team leader at Accenture in data management leading a team of over 80 programmers and data scientists. She is a nature lover and a leading yoga teacher of the world.

Bhaskar Chaugule

Chief Technology Officer

Bhaskar is tech entrepreneur with 20 years of experience leading a team of 40 developers in AI/ML and has developed Apps, ERP software for Banks, e-commerce, and communication sectors. He has built tech that powers eWallets & Money Transfer for 60+ Banks across Globe. Bhaskar is a Blockchain enthusiast and has a
Master’s Degree in Data Science & AI/ML Specialization from EICT Academy, Indian Institute of Technology.

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What We Are Good At

We are an experienced and proven team of Engineers and Entrepreneurs. 

We have deep knowledge in our respective fields and have led large teams of developers, engineers, and scientists. 

We are brought together by our shared passion for the environment and learning.