About ForestSAT

ForestSAT AS is an award winning Norwegian Forest Fire Prevention intelligence software leveraging Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence on Earth Observation Satellite to predict fire areas and propose precise risk mitigation, fire prevention & regeneration actions.
We Are Scientists, Engineers & Entrepreneurs Passionate About Our Planet, Our Environment & Our Forests

Ajay Goyal

Founder, CEO

Ajay is a passionate environmentalist and a serial entrepneur and has created media, dotcom and tech enabled finance companies in 6 countries in the last 25 years since graduating as an Engineer from National Institute of Technology India. Ajay created the first European yoga-meditation-ogranic themed net-zero resort hotel ZENING in Cyprus.

Veronica Tulaeva-Goyal

Aerospace Engineer & Data Scientist

Veronika is an aerospace engineer from Moscow Aviation University and has worked in Sukhoi 5th Generation Fighter jet design bureau and a team leader at Accenture in data management leading a team of over 80 programmers and data scientists. She is a nature lover and a leading yoga teacher of the world.

Bhaskar Chaugule

Chief Technology Officer

Bhaskar is tech entrepreneur with 20 years of experience leading a team of 40 developers in AI/ML and has developed Apps, ERP software for Banks, e-commerce, and communication sectors. He has built tech that powers eWallets & Money Transfer for 60+ Banks across Globe. Bhaskar is a Blockchain enthusiast and has a
Master’s Degree in Data Science & AI/ML Specialization from EICT Academy, Indian Institute of Technology.

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